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travel food photography in Thailand

Travel Food Photography: Thailand

Travel Food Photography Tip: Thailand Edition First and foremost, I must say this: New York City spoils me. Being a food photographer, I get to eat a lot of amazing (and sometimes, but rarely, not so amazing) restaurants. And if I am not photographing a restaurant, I go to just to experience the atmosphere. I enjoy the […]
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Magazine Photography

Interior Photography NYC

Interior Photography Following up with my last blog post, 2016 was a year of variety for me. I got assigned a job shooting interior photography for a real estate company in New Jersey. It involved 8 full days of interior and exterior photography of 13 different buildings. Here are some of my favorite shots.  
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New York City Restaurant Photographer in Pittsburgh

New York City Restaurant Photographer visits Pittsburgh

New York City Restaurant Photographer visits Pittsburgh! Ever since I moved to New York City to expand my restaurant photography, my love for Pittsburgh has increased greatly. I find any excuse to throw my Pittsburgh pride into every conversation. When asked where I am from, I proudly say “Pittsburgh!” even if technically that isn’t true.  So […]
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Restaurant Photography in New York City

Restaurant photography shoot in New York City. Here is a couple photographs from a recent restaurant photography job. The shoot was for a french restaurant, Millisime, located in the heart of the Flatiron. Millisime is known for its seafood brasserie and exceptional oyster bar.   I have photographed oysters on numerous occasions. And I must […]
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Pancake Food Photography | New York Food Photographer

Reunited! Food Photographer & Food Stylist in NYC!

Reunited! Food Photographer & Food Stylist in NYC! Around this time last year, I was a food photographer in Pittsburgh, PA. Not only did I have the opportunity to work for a magazine that drove my food interests and creativity, an amazing experience, but also, I was completely surrounded by creative individuals that helped fuel […]
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How to Become a New York Food Photographer

How to become a New York Food Photographer

How to become a New York Food Photographer:  How to become a New York food photographer? The question. The Answer? Cry. A lot.    Alright, maybe there is more to it. And maybe everyone’s experience is different. But this isn’t “everyone’s” blog.   What you will need:  -Tissues -Ice-cream (or wine) -A whole lot of […]
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Pittsburgh Food Photographer travels South

Ever since I really got into food photography last year, I have spent countless hours in front of the computer screen and Barnes & Nobles book store aisles, researching and admiring other food photographs. The money I have put into my magazine collection could have probably got me into retirement at this point. Nonetheless, what […]
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Pittsburgh Food Photography- J&L Grill

Got the opportunity to work with J&L Grill yesterday to do some food photography of their menu items. Got some great shoots, here are just a couple of them!  
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Food Photography in Pittsburgh, PA- Brownies!

Made brownies the other morning (straight from a box of course!). They were chocolate walnut and caramel swirl! Believe me, they sound and look better than they tasted. 
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Pittsburgh Photography- Food Photography

Photographed and Published for WHIRL Magazine January 2012 One of the perks of being a Pittsburgh photographer is that I get the opportunity to go around and photograph food and drinks from local restaurants in Pittsburgh. We ended up at Shady Grove to shoot this amazing looking seasonal drink called the ‘Winter Rita’.   
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