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Arnold Palmer Photoshoot for WHIRL Magazine.

Pittsburgh Portrait of Arnold Palmer

Three and a half years. The time I spent working in the food industry at a local country club in Western Pennsylvania. It by far wasn’t the worst job. I got to see the sunrise every morning as I restocked the beer cooler,  preheated the hotdog grill, and brewed the first batch of coffee as I waited for the early rising golfers to round their way to hole 10 by my stand. On those days, I would have laughed in my own face thinking that everything would come full circle and I would be in the presence of the king of golf himself, photographing him for a cover of WHIRL magazine.

But sure enough, I was. I was traveling the roads that were the exact halfway mark between my current home in Pittsburgh and the place I grew up, Johnstown, to the location of the shoot, Arnold Palmer’s Latrobe office.
I knew this would be a fast paced shoot, in and out, similar to most of the cover shoots. My location perimeter was limited. And by limited, I mean one room. One room for 3 shots. Easy as pie. (And even if it wasn’t, I sure as hell wasn’t going to let them know otherwise). We had an hour setup time, so we popped off a few different test shots to figure out our favorite angles.
Art Director, Jason.
Assistant Art Director, Allie.
Of course, Mulligan wanted a shot with Arnold.
Insert Crew and the “That’s A Wrap” Two Thumbs up.


So here is what the final product looks like..



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