Food & Farm Photography in Hudson Valley, NY

Food & Farm Photography in Hudson Valley, NY

I can honestly say that ever since I started photographing food, I haven’t found shooting anything else that makes me as happy as a pretty dish in front of me. Well, that was until recently. A few months ago I agreed to take on a project for a friend who is writing a book about New York’s Hudson Valley food and farming scene. So last week I packed up my little Kia Spectra and drove 2 hours north of New York City. Driving from farm to farm, I spent two days photographing animals and produce. I was in complete bliss. No traffic, no loud noises, and best of all, no cellphone reception.

One of the biggest concepts my friend kept talking about is how important it is to know and develop a relationship with your local farmers. I mean they are the ones feeding us, aren’t they? The experience was incredible. I picked the cherries I wanted to eat right off the tree. I hung out (and got trampled by) the cows I could potentially photograph as a dish at a New York City restaurant.

The Hudson Valley Farms is an on-going project for me. However, I wanted to take the time and show some of the images because I am very excited about them. And one fun fact to share is that once cows get over their shyness, they LOVE the spotlight!

farm cow photography

Photograph of cows at McEnroe Organic Farm- Millerton, NY

tomato photography nyc

Tomato Greenhouse at McEnroe Organic Farm – Millerton, NY

Farm photography NYC

Chickens photographed at Pigasso Farm – Copake, NY

Farm Photography NYC

Live stock at Sir William – Copake, NY

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