New York City Portrait Photography

New York City Portrait Photography

The past few months I have been working on a super-secret project with a client of mine. Okay, maybe not super-secret. To be honest, I am not sure what the full projects intended purpose will be. I just show up and take photos. While I LOVE shooting food photography, I am a true believer the only way to grow is to change up what you do all the time. Try something new. Shoot something different. Work with a range of clients, tools, and artists to expand. And this project was “out of the box” for me.


After my years at the magazine and shooting events, I started to pull back from asking random strangers to let me take their picture., New York City is filled with people who are in a rush and don’t want to be bothered to stop and have their photos taken. This project made me do just that. Capture some one’s personality and style in under one minute. After a few weeks, this project then led me to travel to a few different cities. Here is just a handful of my favorite images. Hopefully, there will be an outlet for the final project soon!!


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